Reclamation and redistribution of liturgical items.

Reclamation and redistribution of liturgical items.

The late Bishop James Owusu receiving Our Lady of Lourdes statue for Techiman Grotto Ghana.

The late Bishop James Owusu receiving Our Lady of Lourdes statue for Techiman Grotto, Ghana.

Over the years Crown of Thorns has welcomed donations of ecclesiastical items for relocation. These have come from churches, convents and private homes. They have included statues, church furnishings, liturgical vessels, vestments and pious objects.

Many diocese in need have benefited greatly from these items, to which following the testimonies give further insight. The most challenging item that we have received for redistribution so far has been a host manufacturing machine, which we delivered to a parish in Russia.

Smaller devotional items are often used in prison chaplaincy, including religious medals and rosaries, with even broken rosaries having been skilfully mended by volunteers and given new use.

Increasingly, we are receiving requests for help within the U.K. Over the last few years we have assisted several new orders to found libraries and furnish chapels.

We continue to take in many items, particularly the basics for priestly ministry.

From reports on our overseas shipments:

“On behalf of the Priests, Religious and the entire Diocesan family, I would like to acknowledge the receipt of seventy two boxes of items meant for distribution to our schools and those who are in need. The Diocese in humility accepts with gratitude your generous gifts of spiritual books, catechetical materials, used clothing and other valuable items. I assure you and your organisation that these will be used for the good of the Church and the people for whom they were intended.” Most Rev. Dominic Yeboah Nyarkoh. Bishop of Techiman Diocese

(Above) Bishop Dominic Nyarko overseeing Crown of Thorns shipment distribution. Ghana, Sept 2014.

“On behalf of the management, staff and patients of the Holy Family Hospital Techiman, I wish to express our profound gratitude to you for the donation of two wheel chairs and fourteen walking aids to the hospital. Through you we wish to extend our gratitude to the donors for their show of generosity. We are eternally grateful to them. We commit to take good care of the items to last long and serve the intentions of the donors. Once again accept our gratitude for your continuous efforts to improve health service delivery to our people.” Hospital Administrator. Techiman Diocese

(Above) Our Lady of the Forest statue, from Forest Row parish, received by a delighted parish in Kumasi, Ghana. 

“I wish to thank you very sincerely for all that you have been doing for the Catholic Church in Ghana in general, but for our diocese of Ho in particular. May the Almighty God bless you all and reward you for your great love for the Missions.” Most Rev. Francis A.K. Lodono. Bishop of Ho Diocese

Donations packed and ready for their long journey to Ghana.

Donations packed and ready for their long journey to Ghana.

“We are more than grateful for all your donations. These items are very difficult to find here as you can imagine. The statues of the Sacred Heart especially have been given to those parishes that have a special devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The rosaries and other small items I am able to distribute at First Holy Communion ceremonies. The people are so thrilled to receive a religious item. We appreciate all that you are doing to help us! Without the help of groups such as Crown of Thorns, our work of evangelisation would be made much more difficult. Again I want to express our greatest gratitude for your work and for your assistance. May the Lord give each of you the continued strength and dedication to carry on this important mission work.” Most Rev. Vincent Boi-Nah. Bishop of Yendi Diocese

(Above) Statue of St Anthony, received by the St. Anthony’s Guild, Accra. 

“Crown of Thorns donated a beautiful statue of the Lord Jesus Christ towards our project to build a Sacred Heart Grotto for the parish. The entire parish wishes to express their sincerest gratitude to you for your support. The donors are always remembered in our devotions and prayers for the Lord’s blessing to be upon them, wherever they are.” Very Rev. Msgr. Hilary Senoo. V.G. Ho Diocese

“I would like to thank you for the great effort you have made in the last years to make the entire people of Oyo diocese feel linked to the rest of God’s family through the work of The Crown of Thorns. There is hardly any segment of our Church that has not benefited from the solidarity and sharing which has been extended to us especially through the wide distribution of rosaries, prayer cards, educational and liturgical materials which we received. Many of your crucifixes adorn our diocesan pastoral centre recalling to mind the sacrifice of Christ. May The Crown of Thorns and those who make it happen experience the joy which only the Lord Jesus himself can give. Amen. The people wanted me to ensure that our word of thanks are extended to all concerned.” Most Rev. Emmanuel Badejo. Bishop of Oyo Diocece. Nigeria

“The items you have sent and continue to send to us have been of immense help to us here. I assure you that I will continue to remember your charity work in my prayers…” Most Rev. Peter K Sarpong. Archbishop of Kumasi.

Donated Church organ arrives in Ghana

(Above) Donated Church organ arrives in Ghana.

“I write to thank you most sincerely for the boxes of rosaries, statues and devotional books you sent me. Everything arrived safely. Through your gift of the above devotional objects you are playing no small part in promoting devotion to Mary the Mother of God and our mother too in this diocese of Yendi”. Most Rev. Vincent Boi-Nai. Bishop of Yendi

“Warm greetings from Techiman. I write to officially express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to the Crown of Thorns charity for your support in prayer and donation to the poor in the Catholic Diocese of Techiman, Ghana. Please extend these words of gratitude to all your contributors and benefactors. As a young diocese, the beginning is not easy. But I am encouraged by the level of commitment, sacrifices and acts of goodwill assuring me of your unflinching support. The items you sent have been of such great help to our people. We hope that such support would continue in coming years. With the intercession of Mary, Mother of Perpetual Help, and the grace of the Holy Spirit, I commend you and all the people of God to the protection of Christ our Lord. Once again, please, accept our humble words of gratitude. Thank you greatly.” Most Rev. Dominic Yeboah Nyarko. Bishop of Techiman Diocese.

“We appreciate very much the work you are doing. Through your efforts we have been able to provide many of the outstations with tabernacles, crosses and statues, children’s books for our Kindergarten schools. I pray for God’s blessings for the good work you are doing.” Most Rev. Vincent Boi-Nah. Bishop of Yendi Diocese.

“Warm greetings from Takoradi and Ghana. The rosaries, with the new rosary cards containing the Holy Father’s Mysteries of Light have become a kind of new catechism. Protestants have taken it up, especially from the Methodist church. And there are other non Catholics who have also embraced the Rosary. The cards are very instructive. They now realise the Biblical origins. Kindly share this information, our prayers and regards, with friends and donors. We are very grateful for all the items and statues you were able to send.” Most Rev. John M Darko. Bishop of Sekondi–Takoradi.