About us

Crown of Thorns is a registered charity known predominantly for it’s work on the promotion of the Holy Rosary as a means of achieving peace in a troubled world.

The charity works with dioceses throughout the world, facilitating the spread of the Holy Rosary through the use of the charity’s rosary cards and literature. Through this means, we can sow the seeds of Christ’s own call for peace.

Crown of Thorns promotes the teachings and mysteries of our faith, whilst working to stimulate both ecumenical and cultural understanding and respect between all peoples.

Crown of Thorns is active in supporting prisoners and prison chaplains, bringing the light and comfort of the Mother of God, the friendship of the Holy Angels, and spiritual comfort to those who contact us. The outreach of this work is extensive, especially in Maximum Security and Death Row units.

Crown of Thorns outreach includes support offered to priests in times of difficulty. This is an essential part of our work, dealing with a multitude of issues.

Crown of Thorns accepts religious items for relocation. The charity has furnished many churches in poverty stricken dioceses with items donated from parishes and convents in the UK. Pious items are assured safe and reverent re-homing through the charity’s care of redistribution.

Crown of Thorns supports family and life issues, promoting the unique and precious dignity of human life, from the moment of conception until it’s natural end.. Regular material support is given to the homeless.

Keeping in mind the great need for peace between people, starting with peace of heart for each individual, we ask you to keep the work of the charity in your prayers.

The charity relies completely on your donations and is voluntarily run.

How can I help?

  • Please keep this work surrounded in prayer.
  • If you are able, please support the charity financially, either through a single donation, Gift Aided if possible, or through a regular standing order.
  • Please support Crown of Thorns in your will. It was through such a legacy that the charity was founded.