Crown of Thorns Advent Calendar 2016

You can now download our 2016 Advent calendar from the resourses page. This was a great success last year, and we have updated it with new activities. You can find these in the resourses section of the website, under ‘Advent Calendar 2016.’ On days marked with a green triangle, there are extra sheets with stories, […]

‘Our Lady of the Forest’ Forest Row

This parish was closed some years ago. For the benefit of parishioners now attending other parishes, we have the following report; On closure of the church, most of the furnishings from this much loved place of prayer and worship were sent in our shipments to the diocese of Yendi  in northern Ghana. These items were […]

Travelling Nativity Project

This year we have been loaning Knitted Nativity Scenes to several primary schools, and pupils are taking turns to take them home during Advent. This project started in response to a request from a local primary school, and we would be grateful for donations of further knitted nativity scenes for next year (let us know if […]

Advent Project for Primary Schools

At Crown of Thorns this year we have put together an Advent project to restore the true meaning of Advent in the hearts of children. The Advent Calendar has been compiled by our volunteers, including two primary school children aged seven and five. There has been a wonderful enthusiasm for the project and school response has […]