Flushing Toilets!

Catholic Nursery and Primary School Fiditi, Oyo diocese Nigeria.

Recently, we received an S.O.S. from a bishop who has worked alongside Crown of Thorns for nearly thirty years and promotes the Holy Rosary throughout his diocese.

A Nursery and Primary school in a rural part of his diocese was in bad repair and had no water or toilets. The nuns and the many small children had to go out and use the bushland surrounding the school. It was far from a good situation.

The bishop was so concerned about the unsanitary situation at the school that he asked for help. Due to the bishop’s great care, for a very small sum we have been able to provide for instillation of toilets and washbasins, and renovations. Pictures of the renovations and of sanitary instillations suppled are pictured. A fence was built to keep the area enclosed, keeping trespasses out and preventing local dogs and goats from littering the compound. A water supply was installed, toilets and hand basins, staff meeting room and waiting room for parents. The work was done by local tradesmen who were grateful of work.

We asked Bishop Emmanuel what the children thought of the toilets:

“What do the children think? Are you joking…. Whenever I go there they practically jump on my head with joy. They can’t believe that they have flushing toilets. The sisters too are extremely grateful.”

The joy is reflected in his thanksgiving blessing for our donors this Pentecost:

“You are in our prayer intentions at this special period. May God bless you with a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit of courage, trust and peace. May God reward you for all your good works. May the Holy Spirit endow you with greater love, keep you safe from all harm and grant you fulfilment deep in your soul. May that same Spirit bring you peace and grant you victory in the face of your own challenges. May God bestow you with wisdom of heart to know what is right to do always and bring you to a new Pentecost.  Amen”.

+Bishop Emmanuel Badejo.

Small actions can make a big difference. Your support is so very appreciated. Thank you.