The Complete Guide to The Rosary


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The Complete Guide to the Rosary is fully illustrated with wood-engravings by Philip Hagreen and pen & ink illustrations by his great-grandson John Paul de Quay, and produced by Crown of Thorns.

Full to overflowing with scriptural texts and delightful illustrations, this book is designed to welcome and console. Encompassing a new and inspiring variant on the Scriptural Rosary, historical background and a wealth of original illustrations, it is the ideal gift to keep someone company through difficult times.

Perfect for home use, prayer groups or individual prayer.

All proceeds help fund the work of Crown of Thorns.

Published 2013 by Crown of Thorns. Hardback, 160 Pages.

What have people said about the book?

‘I was absolutely amazed and delighted to receive your beautiful book last week. Thank you with all my heart. It will be a very special and inspiring possession.’ Josephine.

‘To just say ‘thank you’ seems such a little way of showing how happy I am with this wonderful book. I am using it every day when praying my rosary. Before I just used the mysteries on each decade, but now I feel as if Our Lady is taking me by the hand and leading me to Our Lord with each bead. I am a pensioner aged seventy five, and at times, because I live alone, I sometimes get very low, but in this wonderful book, I found a prayer just for me, and feel now as if a great weight has been lifted. How I wish everyone had a copy of this book as in this day and age when things look so black, this book brings comfort and hope.’ June.

‘I have bought many books on the Holy Rosary, but this is by far the best.’ Mrs. P

‘Beautiful, really impressive! Excellent Stuff! It’s a work of art, it’s brilliant.’ Bernard

‘Never let this book go out of print!’

‘What a wonderful book, so tasteful, the artwork beautiful.’ A sister of the Poor Clare’s.

“Greatly inspirational. I only wish that this book had been around before.”
Canon Peter Humfrey.

‘The whole book has a clear vision, namely, the call for peace in our lives and in our world. It is hoped that this superb book will help many people striving for inner peace with God and neighbour to become an agent in promoting lasting peace in ourselves and in our world.’ Canon Seamus Hester 

‘I am delighted! It is a beautiful book, beautifully made, written and illustrated.’ Mother M Lioba OSB, Tyburn.

“Everyone today could use some divine companionship on the journey of life. Just as the Emmaus experience brought Jesus into the company of the two questioning and confused disciples, so the ‘Crown of Thorns Rosary’ brings the Lord and the life of his blessed Mother into the company of the user. It is a particularly inspiring variation of the Scriptural Rosary. Its colourful Biblical episodes and creative illustrations make it an easy but effective companion on the journey towards peace in the user’s heart. Surely, peace in the hearts of men and women is the guarantee for peace in society and in the world at large. Seeking this end, the ‘Crown of Thorns Rosary’ enables the necessary prayerful link among parish and family members; parent, child and elderly people.
It is my privilege to recommend this book. It will energize all who would use it as a credible instrument of spiritual reformation.”
Most Reverend Emmanuel Adetoyese Badejo. Bishop of Oyo, Nigeria.