Promoting The Rosary

Promoting the Holy Rosary has always been the central element of the work of Crown of Thorns. It was through the printing of our original cards, many years ago, that all our other work has evolved. From the very start the work was offered to Our Lady, and the cards seem to have had a mind of their own, spreading throughout the world, finding their way into the most extraordinary places.

In 2013 we published a book of spiritual meditations and instruction on the Holy Rosary, with the aim of making the devotion as welcoming as possible to prayer groups, individuals, families and especially those in need of consolation. This book has been enthusiastically received, and used widely in our work promoting the Rosary.

Catechism group using our cards and rosaries in Burundi.

The following are extracts of letters we have received from people using our cards and rosary resources.

“I write to acknowledge the receipt of the Crown of Thorns Rosary cards and Reconciliation cards for the Catholic Diocese of Jalingo. When it arrived in the diocese, it was distributed to the faithful most especially the members of the Marian Societies. It was received with joy and happiness. The rosary cards are on high demand by our lay faithful.”
+ Most Rev Charles M. Hammawa. Bishop of Jalingo Diocese.

“I gratefully appreciate the support you have given to us to deepen our devotion to the Mother of God. I thank God for your group and pray for you in this ministry of evangelisation. Words may not be enough to thank you. May Our Mother Mary intercede for each one of your benefactors.”
Sr. Joyce Karambu. Kenya.

“Nothing communicates better than visual signs and symbols. If only you could have seen the old women hug the beautiful picture of Our Lady to their hearts when they receive one of your rosary cards!” Paschal Okeke, seminarian. Nigeria

“I received one of your prayer cards on the Rosary during my seminary days and I’ve always encouraged people to pray the Rosary as a result of my experience. I wish to request for some copies in order to encourage others to pray the Rosary and journey through life alongside Our Mother Mary.” Rev. Fr. Jerome Omoregie. Nigeria

“I thank you immensely for all the religious articles sent to us, which have touched many lives deeply. I don’t know how to thank you for them. I wish you were in this part of the world to witness the magnificent graces and happiness these religious gifts has brought to us.”
J Uwagbgokwu, seminarian. Nigeria.

“Our sunday school children have been ecstatic in receiving the rosaries. We have outstations consisting of about 900 Catholics. Moreover, we have close to 450 children catechism classes for First Holy Communion and Confirmation. They are very earnest in learning to pray the Rosary.”
Rev. Fr. Joseph Kunjaparambil. Nambia

“We cannot thank the Lord enough for what He is doing in the Church through your instrumentality. Hence, I am humbly writing for your assistance to help my parish members to learn how to pray the Rosary.” Rev. Fr. Raymond Anyanwu. South Africa

“I kneel down and thank you for the great help you have given us. Most of the camp victims do not ask for food, they ask for a rosary.” J Arulsamy. Sri Lanka

“I would like to thank you whole-heartedly for the big support. Indeed the spiritual tools you donated have done a lot of good work among the youth, especially in secondary schools. I am happy to report that 15 secondary schools and 20 primary schools are now very committed to saying the Rosary and very devoted to Mother Mary, very active and interested.”

Rev. Fr. K Banyenkaki. Uganda

“You generously sent us rosaries and rosary cards. These have had a great effect on the faith of the people. Many of these come from very poor backgrounds and could not afford even a rosary. I am sincerely grateful for this most generous donation.” Rev. Fr. Victor Shikaputo. Zambia

“I just cannot find the words suitable enough to adequately thank you and the donors to ‘Crown of Thorns’ as they truly deserve. Your gift is without doubt priceless. May the good Lord reward you and all your collaborators in the way He knows best.” Rev. Fr. P Lwamindi. Zambia

“All parishes are asking… The cards have reached both catholic and non catholic sectors and the most amazing thing is that people from abroad asked us for copies so it has reached Indonesia, the Philippines, India, Australia, the United States not to mention the furthest corners of China, where the image of Our Lady of China is particularly appreciated…” + John Tong VG Hong Kong

“The rosary prayer cards that you sent me some time ago have had a tremendous effect in the devotion and prayer life of the parish. They have inspired countless faithful to devote themselves to a serious meditation on their life with God in the school of Mary. Seeing these results I hope to make the card available to lots more people…” Br. Alexis Pillay. Port Elizabeth S.A.

“I am currently in a women’s correctional facility in Washington State, and I saw your Mother Mary cards and was astounded at the beauty… Would it be possible for some one to send me one or anything helpful in my learning of the Lord…” Inmate. Washington Correction Facility.

“If the Blessed Virgin Mary is as beautiful as the picture on the prayer card, you can then imagine what she will look like on the day we shall see her face to face. Most of us students who were selected to receive the copies of the prayer card will be writing to you because just the picture of that woman leaves every soul in search for her…”
Seminarian. Pope John Paul 11 Major Seminary. Nigeria

“I came across your rosary card and what captivated me was the picture of Our Blessed Mother – she is really beautiful. As I read through it I felt the urge to spread the message with other people. I am a seminarian from the Holy Family Spiritual Year Seminary and I will soon start apostolic work. I think the card will help me in no small way and I appeal to you to send some more cards to distribute during this period…” Paschal Okeke. Nigeria

“I was opportuned to come across your booklet “How to Pray the Rosary”. Going through it, I found myself greatly inspired to the point I started all over reading the bible.”
George Ogunleye. Nigeria.
“This is the best short introduction of the Rosary I have ever found. I am a Jesuit Father and work with 25,000 Sudanese refugees. War and persecution have left two million dead and up to five million displaced. In this emergency many find their only hope in faith. I would like to ask you to send us more of these cards. We have eighteen chapels with many faithful people…”
Fr. V Sedlmair. Rhino Camp Uganda

“The results of the cards were immediate. Both teachers and students who had never shown any signs of being Catholics scrambled to have a card and rosary. One teacher has started praying the Rosary with his wife…another has joined the Legion of Mary. Even my Godson, upon passing his exams, believes it is due to praying the Rosary…” S.G. Kuh. Cameroon
“When the four rebels entered the room, they wanted money. I had none, so they decided to kill me. I implored them to let me say my prayers before my death and I took the Rosary from my pocket. They stared…and one by one they left the room. I continued prying and after they had gone I came out of the church praising God for saving my life through the Rosary…”
Fr. D A Kargbo. Siera Leone.