Support in Hospitals

We have always been pleased to supply hospital chaplains with our cards to support their work in comforting the sick.
We have recently have had more requests than usual due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many cards and rosaries have been requested to give strength and comfort both to patients and to hospital staff. The response has been humbling. The following quotes are from some of the priests that received supplies from us to undertake their difficult work:

“Prayer packs have been made up and have been distributed to our patients in ‘Covid’ wards in five hospital sites. Some have received them just before their death and the Rosary went with them. This has been a source of consolation to the families.”

“In gratitude for all the extras and fantastic resources you sent.”

“This rosary card is the most useful thing I have ever come across.”

An example of chaplaincy work on Covid-19 wards.

To ensure that critically ill patients on Covid-19 wards are able to contact the chaplains, packs were made available by the chaplaincy team to be given to patients on admission to hospital. These included contact numbers for chaplaincy staff of different denominations, prayer packs (with rosaries, miraculous medals and prayer cards from Crown of Thorns), and a mobile phone to contact the chaplaincy. Patients and their families were delighted with the huge effort made by the chaplaincy team, and to be able to receive these video calls at a time when they could not be there in person. The chaplaincy mass has also continued weekly as usual, but streamed on YouTube from the chaplain’s parish.