Support in Prisons

Rosary prison bars

Support behind prison bars

Crown of Thorns supports prison chaplains and prisoners in the U.K. and abroad, making our prayer cards and other religious items available to them.

We are always delighted to hear about the effect our cards are having. A prison chaplain recently wrote; “If you walked around the prison you would find many cells on every landing with your leaflets on the wall…it really and truly changes the atmosphere of the whole place in a very, very powerful way. I can’t describe the difference it makes!”

In all cases, Crown of Thorns works to bring the comfort and friendship of Our Blessed Mother to the hearts of those in need of encouragement and healing.

Below are some extracts from letters we have received. Most letters received from prisoners abroad are from maximum security and death row sections. The response from prisoners receiving our cards, along with words of encouragement, is humbling:

“I do not know how I can show my appreciation for the love and care shown for us prisoners through your organisation. With your presence, I feel I be­long.”

“Your spiritual support has rekindled my life making me forget about the mistakes I made in my life and rejoicing over the support you have rendered to me.”

“Upon receiving the parcel my heart was filled with an overwhelming joy and I went on my knees thanking God for answering my prayers. I count this as the most abundant and wonderfully blessed opportunity I have ever had.”

“The work of your organisation is compared to a lighthouse. The weary traveller needs to drink, eat and be comforted. So he runs to the lighthouse where an untold number of people have been saved. Please kindly receive me too, another weary soul.”

“God in the heavens must have heard my distressed prayer. A prayer that has now turned to tears of joy! Truly, I need to say things that lie buried deep down in my heart, in order to show the true appreciation of what you have done for me.”